State Enterprise «Volyn Torf» offers  environmentally friendly fuel  «Briquettes of peat for communal needs» that made in accordance with the technical specification of Ukraine GOST 2042-9 by pressing dry peat.

Our company is the largest manufacturer of environmentally friendly fuel briquettes peat in Ukraine for 25 years. Our production volume is 100 000 tonnes per year.

The products of our company are widely used for heating residential buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals, health centers, greenhouses. The ash that remains in the combustion can be used as organic fertilizer.

We are continuously expanding exports of peat briquettes to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, as an alternative to expensive natural gas.

The content of cesium 137 less than 666 Bq / kg l.

Briquettes are prism shaped with rounded edges and the following dimensions:

  • Length: 180 mm;
  • Width: 65 mm;
  • Height: from 15 to 70 mm;

The main advantage over other solid fuels is low price per unit of heat when burned.

Peat briquettes are shipped by rail in open wagons and by tracks:

  • bulk;
  • in containers «Big Bag»;
  • in polypropylene sacks;
  • in thermo-stocked on wooden pans.

Delivery may be arranged as agreed.